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A Few Warnings About Backyard Zip Lines

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Personal Injury

Some of the most heart-breaking cases in my office are those where I represent people who have been catastrophically injured from using backyard do-it-yourself zip lines. The current statistics are staggering.

Most of the time, the homeowner fails to follow all directions and warnings that are contained in the zip line packaging. Warnings very clear: make sure you have a cushy area under the entire zip line path, don’t use near water, make sure you inspect the zip line and braking system before every use, provide any new user instructions on how to properly utilize the zip line system and adult supervision is necessary if children are using. Not difficult, right?

You can’t imagine the results of home owners not following directions.

Just go through YouTube or any other social media platform. What do you see? Backyard zip lining over dirt, concrete, pools, concrete around pools and disasters happen: just type in “Backyard Zip Lining Fails”.

Oh, and another thing. You had better check your homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage related to dangerous activities on your property. Trampolines are commonly exempted from coverage. Zip lines, because of their inherent danger, are going the same way. If you aren’t covered, you will be personally responsible for injuries, and most zip line injuries are hideous.

And yet, I walk around my own neighborhood and I see zip line structures and cringe. I know they are fun. Hey, even this curmudgeon enjoys a zip line ride. Want to zip line? I’m going to give a shout out to the Long Island Adventure Park in Wheatley Heights. They have safety down to a science. You have to go through training, whether you are a first-timer or have gone to the course many times. And, you don’t only get one safety line, you get two, with a heavy-duty latch system.

If you have any questions about Long Island zip line injuries, feel free to give me a call.