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Car accident injuries with delayed symptoms

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Car Accidents

It might not always be easy to tell how the outcome of a crash could affect one’s life and sometimes the fallout thereof might not be immediately apparent. In some cases, individuals in New York who are involved in a car accident may walk away feeling relatively unscathed, only to wake up the next day in intense pain. Seeking medical care after a car accident could prove integral in many ways, as some types of crash injuries may take hours or days to manifest symptoms. 

Examples of delayed injury symptoms

While head injuries remain unfortunately common among accident victims, signs of such injuries may take time to manifest. However, this delay does not mean that the injury is not serious, as headaches that appear the next day could be a sign of a concussion, or even a traumatic brain injury. Certain injuries can also take time to develop symptoms while others will present immediately after trauma, but once they do, they can lead to intense pain and suffering and may affect a person’s life in various ways.

Joint tears, like those in the shoulder and knee can also present with delayed symptoms and signs such as swelling and reduced range of motion may indicate the presence of similar concerns. Back and spinal cord injuries are another common example of conditions that might present with delayed symptoms and such issues could take a dire toll on one’s well-being. Car accidents could also place a person at risk of suffering severe emotional harm and issues such as post-traumatic stress syndrome may also present with delayed symptoms.

The impact on one’s life

Injuries that take time to manifest symptoms after a car accident can be just as or even more severe as any other type of health concern. While those who suffer harm in a crash due to the actions of another driver may find it helpful to know the benefits of seeking swift medical care, they might also find it helpful to know the steps to take to protect their interests. Following a similar experience, a person in New York might find it helpful to consult with an attorney for guidance on all his or her available legal avenues and assistance in preparing to seek the restitution deserved through a personal injury claim. Jeena Belil will follow your symptoms, check in on you and review your medical records to get the big picture.