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Reducing the risks of electrocution on construction sites

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Taking steps to improve workplace safety is a goal that remains relevant to many of those who operate in the construction industry. However, construction workers in New York may still face certain types of safety hazards nearly every day and the outcome of any type of construction accident could leave a worker facing numerous hardships in life. Electrocution remains one of the most common causes of construction accidents and knowing how to identify electrical hazards may be essential to mitigating safety risks. 

There could be a variety of scenarios in which workers may be exposed to a greater risk of shock or electrocution and some examples of safety hazards construction workers could face may include: 

  • Working around power cables:  Performing job tasks near active power cables or overhead power lines can be dangerous under any situation and adhering to safety procedures during these tasks may be imperative. 
  • Faulty electrical gear:  There could also be a higher risk of electrocution if workers encounter faulty electrical equipment or exposed wiring, as similar issues could create various safety hazards.  
  • Circuits and wiring:  Studies also highlight the risks of overloaded circuit boards and improper wiring techniques, as the presence of such issues could place the safety of all parties nearby in jeopardy. 

Working around electrical lines and equipment during wet weather conditions and failing to wear the necessary safety gear are two more examples of issues that could increase the risks of electrocution. 

Construction accidents involving electrical hazards can carry dire repercussions that could leave a worker with serious or even life-altering injuries. Along with any physical pain and suffering involved, the outcome of the incident could leave a person in New York facing a possible loss of income during a long road to recovery. When facing similar trials, a person could consider speaking with an attorney for guidance in carefully evaluating the situation and in preparing a strategy to pursue the full amount of compensation possible through every applicable outlet.