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The effect of impairment on driving capabilities

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Car Accidents

While a collision can occur under a variety of scenarios, there may be some types of behavior that could only act the increase the risks of the unimaginable. Those who drive while impaired might not be fully capable of safely operating a motor vehicle and their decisions could place the safety of others nearby at significant risk. Drunk driving continues to play a role in many car accidents and while knowing how impairment can affect driving capabilities may help individuals in New York better prepare to avoid such behavior, they might not always be able to rely on others to do the same. 

While it might come as no surprise that driving while impaired can be dangerous, some might not fully understand the ways impairment can affect their driving capabilities, some of which could include: 

  • Driver responses:  Studies indicate that the presence of impairment can lower driver response times and anything that disputes one’s ability to react to situations that arise can be dangerous. 
  • Driver inattention:  Those who drive while impaired may also struggle to concentrate on the task at hand and mixing distraction and impairment can be a hazardous combination. 
  • Motor skills:  Impairment can also disrupt one’s motor skills and lack of coordination may create a variety of concerns, such as difficulty maintaining lane control or traveling at a proper speed. 

The presence of impairment may also lead to decreased vision and issues making snap judgment calls and anything that disrupts factors that are vital to safe driving may prove hazardous by nature. 

Car accidents involving impaired drivers could carry cataclysmic repercussions that could forever alter the fabric of one’s life. Such an incident might leave a person with life-changing injuries and facing a long road to recovery or leave families in search of answers after suffering the unexpected loss of someone close. Individuals in New York who encounter similar hardships in life and wish to know more about all their available legal avenues could consider consulting with an attorney for guidance on their options and the best course of action with which to proceed.