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Taking steps to promote safety as a pedestrian

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Car Accidents

While there may be many individuals who choose to drive to and from most of their destinations, this might not always be the preferred means of travel for everyone. Some individuals in New York may be more inclined to choose the sidewalk over the pavement and there could be various potential benefits involved with a similar decision. However, with little in the way of protective barriers to shield them from harm, car accidents involving pedestrians can have dire ramifications and taking steps to reduce the risks of similar outcomes could prove integral.

Pedestrian safety

There could be numerous steps pedestrians can take to help promote safety and reduce accident risks. Finding ways to improve visibility such as wearing bright clothing and sticking to areas with adequate lighting may be vital, as visibility continues to be a common concern for pedestrians. Those who walk near the lanes of traffic may also benefit from maintaining focus on the task at hand, as distractions may disrupt one’s ability to detect a potential hazard in time to react and reach safety.

Pedestrians may also find it essential to use caution when attempting to cross the road at intersection crosswalks. Even if a person has the right of way, simply assuming a driver will yield and allow one to pass might not always be the safest path. Knowing the routes one will take and choosing the safest paths available could also be integral to promoting pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents involving pedestrians continue to occur at an alarming rate and similar types of incidents can have disastrous results. Should such negligent decisions of a nearby driver create a dangerous situation, the pedestrian may be the one left suffering the repercussions. Individuals in New York who suffer serious or life-altering injuries under such a situation may choose to consult with a personal injury attorney for advice on their available options and assistance in preparing to seek the compensation deserved through the proper outlets.