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Crash involving impaired driver claims the lives of 2 teenagers

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Car Accidents

The presence of impairment remains a contributing factor in many collisions and the incidents involving such negligence may often carry dire, or even fatal repercussions. Those who encounter an impaired driver might not always have time to react and steer to safety, especially if the other party suddenly veers into oncoming lanes of traffic. A recent car accident involving similar circumstances claimed the lives of two teenagers in New York and left two others with severe injuries. 

Fatal car accident 

Reports indicate that the crash took place on a recent Wednesday night as four teenagers were traveling home after a sporting event. According to authorities, the driver of another vehicle suddenly veered into oncoming lanes and into the path of the teen’s car. This vehicle proceeded to crash into the passenger side of the car shortly thereafter. 

Authorities have advised that two of the teenagers died at the scene of the crash, while the other two were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. They also indicate that the driver who caused the crash was impaired at the time. While the man tried to flee the scene, reports indicate that he was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges, including vehicular homicide and driving while impaired. 

The loss of a child 

No parent should have to endure the unexpected loss of a child in a car accident, especially when due to the negligent behavior of an impaired driver. Following such an incident, parents in New York may wish to exercise their rights to seek accountability via the civil justice system, but initiating this process can seem stressful and daunting. However, this isn’t something one must face alone and by consulting with an attorney, a parent could obtain much-needed guidance in preparing to seek the restitution deserved via a wrongful death claim.