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Falling objects remain a common cause of construction accidents

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Construction Accidents

Knowing the types of hazards one might face while on a construction project site may be integral to finding ways to promote job site safety. Incidents involving falling objects remain a prevalent cause of injury in the construction industry. Knowing how similar construction accidents may occur could help workers in New York take steps to reduce their risks of being involved in a dangerous situation, but sometimes it might not be easy to detect a potential hazard in time to reach safety. 

Falling objects 

Objects that fall from even a lesser distance can pose a significant threat to the health of workers below and there may be various scenarios in which the risks of such incidents are ever-present. Failure to secure loads for transportation across project sites may increase the chances items might fall off a machine and create a hazardous situation. Lack of adequate signage to warn construction workers of potential falling object hazards could also lead to a greater risk of an unfortunate outcome.  

Implementing safety measures such as barricades and guardrails when stacking materials could also be vital to reducing the risks of such incidents. As items that are placed near edges could run a greater risk of falling off a building and to the ground below, avoiding such a scenario may also be integral. In some cases, incidents involving falling objects could also occur when other workers drop items while climbing up ladders or while working from heights. 

Severe injuries 

Construction accidents involving falling objects can pose a substantial threat to the safety and health of workers. Even an item that falls from a lesser distance could leave a person with severe injuries and facing a similar situation in life can be a harrowing process. Following such an incident, individuals in New York who remain uncertain of the options to help protect their future interests could consider speaking with an attorney for advice on the best course of action to take and assistance in preparing to protect their future interests.