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The role of overexertion in construction accidents

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Construction Accidents

The field of construction can be a physically demanding profession and the requirements of project tasks could take a significant toll on a worker’s body over time. Professions that involve intense physical labor can create a variety of safety risks for workers and one common concern in this regard may pertain to the risks of overexertion. Construction accidents involving overexertion could cause workers in New York to suffer serious injuries and leave them in search of advice on ways to safeguard their interests. 

Risk factors of overexertion 

Overexertion continues to be a prevalent concern in many professions and similar safety concerns can arise in a multitude of situations. Activities that involve intense physical labor or exposure to constant vibration can take a toll on a worker’s body. Taking frequent breaks from activities such as heavy lifting or the use of power tools and machines could help stave off overexertion risks, but this might not always be enough to prevent an unfortunate outcome. 

In some cases, project tasks may also require workers to operate in awkward positions and similar issues could also increase the risks of overexertion injuries. Constant bending and twisting and lack of proper posture are two more examples of factors that play a role in many overexertion incidents. Fast-paced movements can also place a significant strain on the body’s muscles and lead to a greater risk of similar workplace injuries. 

Overexertion injuries 

Construction accidents involving overexertion injuries continue to affect the lives of many workers. Those who face the possibility of missing out on wages during recovery while dealing with high medical costs may face an understandable desire for answers on how to protect their futures. Fortunately, there are attorneys in New York who can evaluate the situation a client is facing, provide insight on every available option, and assist in determining the best course of action to take to pursue the full amount of compensation achievable.