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Is chandelier effect hiding nursing home negligence?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2024 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

When you’re away from your loved one, you worry about his or her well-being. However, you chose the assisted living facility that he or she is living in now because of its pleasant atmosphere. Everything looks so nice, and there are amenities, like a spa and gymnasium. You would never suspect nursing home negligence there.

Imagine that you are at one of New York’s fine dining establishments. The waiter brings your meal to the table. It looks beautiful. The plate has perfect garnishes, the meat appears cooked to perfection, and you can’t wait to dig in. Later, you spend hours in the bathroom with terrible stomach cramps and vomiting. It seems the chefs in the restaurant did not adhere to hygiene protocol and you fell victim to a dirty kitchen. This is like the chandelier effect in a nursing home.

The chandelier effect hides nursing home negligence

Regarding the restaurant analogy in the previous section, the plate had nice decorations, and everything looked good. Had you inspected the kitchen, you might have discovered serious problems behind the scenes that could place your health and safety at risk. When people select a particular living facility because the furniture is beautiful and there are many amenities, this is known as “the chandelier effect.”

When you’re choosing a new residence for your loved one, you’ll want to dig deep behind the scenes. Ask questions that are relevant to your loved one, especially if he or she has specific health needs. For example, if your loved one has dementia, you’ll want to know what the protocol is for ’round-the-clock supervision. The problem with the chandelier effect is that many facilities look good, while nursing home negligence is taking place behind the scenes.

Unannounced visits can shed light on the subject

When you first visit a New York nursing home as a potential new residence for your loved one, you undoubtedly might schedule the visit so that you can receive a guided tour and speak with administrators. To avoid the chandelier effect, it’s wise to revisit the facility a second or third time without calling ahead. Show up at different times of day, and note how many staff members are on duty and whether the residents you see are clean and safe.

Is anyone alone in the hallway? Have you observed a staff member being rough or speaking harshly to a patient? Is there a stench? Do you notice anything that causes you concern?

Acting against nursing home negligence

Once your loved one settles into a New York nursing home, you can expect quality care. If you discover that your family member has fallen victim to the chandelier effect and suspect that nursing home negligence has caused him or her injury, you may enlist immediate support from local law enforcement officers and legal advocates to help you resolve the problem.