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New legislation requires more staff in nursing homes

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

President Biden and his administration recently announced new laws aimed at reducing the number of cases of nursing home neglect and abuse at the 15,000 nursing facilities in the United States. A major feature of these new regulations is a significant increase in the minimum number of nurses required in nursing homes in New York and other states. Here is a look at how the new rules will affect nursing homes and may help prevent nursing home neglect and abuse.

Biden administration’s new requirements

Once the new nursing home rules are implemented, every American nursing home will have to have registered nurses on-site around the clock. In addition, they must employ nurses’ aides and nurses for 3.48 hours a day for each resident. These rules aim to provide more qualified nurses and aides in nursing homes to deliver higher-quality care and minimize neglect and abuse.

Nursing homes have half a decade to implement these rules. The current nursing shortage, however, may pose a challenge for many nursing facilities. Research shows that the U.S. may have a million fewer nurses than the country needs by 2030. In addition, the cost to implement these rules may reach nearly $400,000 for each facility.

How an attorney may help with nursing home neglect

An individual whose loved one suffers neglect or abuse in a nursing home may want to contact an elder abuse attorney in New York right away. An attorney can help the individual understand important legal rights and help gather evidence such as medical records and witness statements. The attorney can then identify the reportedly responsible parties and file a civil lawsuit, seeking compensation for the harm they allegedly caused the client’s loved one.