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Which body parts are more at risk in serious car accidents?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Adult survivors of serious car accidents do not just suffer from injuries or disabilities. They also suffer losses due to reduced earning capacities and lost wages because they are unable to work. What are the usual resulting injuries when serious accidents happen on the road? In addition, which body parts are more at risk of sustaining traumatic damage?

Body parts that are prone to severe injuries

According to a study on motor vehicle injuries and deaths, serious road accidents cause various health issues. The study added that no matter the vehicle type, post-crash injuries can affect any body part. However, the more vulnerable body parts that could even suffer fatal effects include the following:

  • Head: Victims may suffer severe concussions, head lacerations and other traumatic brain injuries.
  • Chest: Other victims may deal with rib fractures and punctured or collapsed lungs.
  • Spine: Back trauma, penetrating spine injuries and herniated disks are also results of serious road crashes.
  • Abdominal pelvis: The internal organs in the abdominal pelvis area can suffer blunt trauma.

Furthermore, other body parts that usually suffer fractures are the hands, wrists and feet. The neck is another body part that is at risk because it connects the head and torso, which are already highly vulnerable areas.

The need for better medical management

Meanwhile, the study added that the urgent need to address severe road injuries requires better medical management. In serious crashes, emergency medical providers can give pain relievers or tetanus shots as safety precautions.

When the need arises, they should quickly conduct a blood transfusion. Additionally, they must perform a surgical intervention with precaution for possible hidden injuries.

Pursuing restitution and recovery

When a road crash unfortunately puts your movement and livelihood on hold, you might feel hopeless and dispirited. In New York, you may pursue restitution within three years of the accident so that you can heal, recover, recoup your losses and restart your life.