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Personal Injury

Do’s and Don’ts in Speaking With an Insurance Adjuster or Investigator About your Personal Injury Case

If you have been in an automobile accident you will be interviewed by both an adjuster from your own insurance company and by an adjuster from the other party’s insurance company. You may also be interviewed, at some point, by an investigator. The adjusters/investigators are trying to minimize the amount of money that their company will be obligated to pay.…

Progressive’s Manipulative Early Settlement Negotiation Strategies Aimed at Unrepresented Accident Victims

Determining compensation for accident claims may be difficult legally, and the process can quickly become overwhelming for unrepresented accident victims. It might be difficult to comprehend the manipulative tactics that insurance companies use to decrease the compensation for an accident claim. It is important to acknowledge how critical the amount of compensation for a particular claim is in ensuring the…

Did You Have to pay Your Doctors out of Your Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlement?

It’s the ultimate gut-punch when you are injured in a car accident. Your No-Fault carrier decides to cut off your medical benefits (that you pay for! Don’t get me started) in the middle of your treatment. Your medical provider tells you or your lawyer, “Sorry, I can’t treat you any more because you were denied….unless you sign this lien against…