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Hello, I'm Jeena Belil, a personal injury attorney on Long Island in New York. And I wanted to talk to you today about what sets me apart from all of the other New York state attorneys out there. It can seem overwhelming when you're in a car accident as to who to pick. Because we're all litigators, have a lot of experience.

But one thing that sets me apart from other personal injury attorneys in New York, is that I was actually in my own automobile accident in 2012. And it was a very serious one, I was t boned on the driver side, and the car that hit me actually rolled over the hood of my car three times before landing on the other side of the street upside down.

As a result of that accident, I experienced herniated discs in my back, and I still have, to this day, ongoing problems with nerve damage to my foot. As a result of that accident, I did exactly what my clients do: I have to spend a lot of time going to different treating providers, which actually becomes a full time job in itself. I understand what my clients are going through, I understand the overwhelming amount of mail that they get from their insurance companies and what they have to fill out and how confusing it is. I also understand how much of a victim they feel by not only the insurance companies, but by their treating doctors because they have them set up so many different appointments; by how the insurance company is treating them as far as withholding settlement or withholding money from them that they deserve; and also that they feel like a victim by their own attorneys because we're trying to tell them that they need to go to every one of their doctor's appointments; they need to follow up; they need to come to a deposition; they need to listen to their attorneys. All of that victimization, I completely understand and I can empathize with them.

And I basically hold my clients hands all the way through. I'm a solo attorney: I answer the phone, I actually answer texts from my clients so that when I'm in court and I'm too busy to pick up the phone, I can answer a simple question. I'm that readily available to my clients. So if you're involved in an automobile accident and have questions, whether or not it was a month ago or a day ago, contact me and I can help you through all of the questions that you have. My consultation is free, and I will take as much time with you as possible. And again, I was involved in an accident myself so I understand exactly what you're going through.

Client Reviews
What do I think about Jeena? Well, she is just awesome. In all seriousness, I have known Jeena for several years through the Greater NYC legal community and have worked with her on matters. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate and passionate advocate. I recommend her without hesitation. Cari Rincker
Jeena Belil has been instrumental with retrieving payments for no fault claims that were either short paid or not paid at all to me as a provider. As a Personal Injury Attorney, she has helped several of my patients during the worst time in their life after a motor vehicle accident. I do not hesitate to call her for her services and definitely recommend her to anyone who would need her expertise. Kris Johnston
I know Jeena as a colleague through several solo and small firm attorney listservs. She is consistently responsive to inquiries and ready to share her expertise and insight to help others. God forbid I'm ever in an accident in New York, but if I am I will be calling Jeena. Deborah Matthews