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Hire An Attorney Who Has Walked In Your Shoes

I’ve Been Where You Are, And I Can Help

If you were injured in a serious accident, it is easy to feel alone in that experience. Can anyone else understand what you’ve been through? Will your personal injury attorney treat you and your case with the respect you deserve? When you contact The Law Office of Jeena R. Belil, PC, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding “yes!”

I am Long Island personal injury attorney Jeena Belil. In addition to my 28 years of legal experience, I have also been the victim of a serious car accident caused by the negligence of another driver. When you hire me to help you seek compensation for your injuries and other losses, you can be sure that I know how you feel and that I will do everything in my power to secure a positive outcome for you.

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An Insider’s Knowledge Of New York No-Fault Insurance Laws And Practices

Insurance companies play a major role in nearly every personal injury case. They pay the largest share of settlements and jury awards, and they are often named as defendants along with the at-fault parties. For these reasons and more, it is critical to work with a Long Island personal injury attorney who understands New York insurance law and knows how insurance carriers operate.

Earlier in my career, I spent more than a decade doing defense work for major insurance companies. I now put this insider’s knowledge to work helping my personal injury clients maximize their compensation and make insurers honor their obligations.

Always Here For You When You Need Me

Experience and legal knowledge are essential to being a good lawyer, but there is a third critical element as well: client service. You deserve to know that your attorney cares about you and your case, and that you can trust that your attorney will be available when you need them.

I stay in regular communication with my clients throughout the duration of their case. I am easy to reach via phone, email, text message and through platforms like WhatsApp. I am here when you need me, and I love hearing from current and former clients.

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Free Consultation With A Long Island Personal Injury Attorney

For a free consultation about your injury case, please call us at 631-990-3235 or send us an email. The Law Office of Jeena R. Belil, PC, has offices in Riverhead and Hauppauge, New York. We are a team of Long Island personal injury lawyers serving clients throughout Suffolk County, Nassau County and Queens.