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Issues that point to neglect in a New York nursing home

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2023 | Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse

If your loved one resides in an assisted living facility in New York, you can expect caretakers to provide quality support on a full-time basis. Administrators should be available to discuss any concerns you might have regarding the care your loved one is receiving. Certain issues may implicate substandard care, such as neglect or abuse, which can place your family member at risk for severe, perhaps even life-threatening, injuries.  

Specialized care may be necessary in certain circumstances, such as if your loved one is immobile or suffers from dementia and is unable to carry out basic tasks like personal hygiene without assistance. If you notice symptoms of neglect, it is best to request a meeting with staff members and facility administrators right away. If you’re not satisfied with the results of the meeting, you can seek additional support, especially if you believe your loved one is in danger.  

Bed sores and other injuries are symptoms of nursing neglect 

If care providers do not properly monitor your loved one who is immobile or in need of round-the-clock supervision, he or she is at risk for severe illness or injuries. For example, nursing home care providers know that immobile patients must require assistance to change positions every couple of hours to prevent bed sores. Such sores, known as “pressure ulcers,” are a sign of neglect as are other physical injuries like lacerations, bruises or broken bones.   

If your loved one falls, it may suggest that staff did not provide proper supervision and support, especially if his or her medical records state that constant supervision is a requirement. Other issues signify neglect, as well, such as constant thirst or hunger, soiled linens or clothing, or an unkempt appearance that shows a lack of proper hygiene. 

Protecting your loved one from neglect  

Sadly, you might not discover nursing home neglect until after it has caused your loved one illness or injury. Taking swift action to investigate concerning issues such as bed sores or failure to monitor your loved one’s health may prevent further neglect or may even save your loved one’s life. It is helpful to speak with families of other residents to determine if they, too, are experiencing similar problems.  

New York has laws in place to govern the behavior of care providers in nursing homes. If you believe such laws are being violated, you can enlist support from patient advocates, local law enforcement and legal resources to protect your loved one and others.