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Ladder safety requirement updates could prevent injury

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Construction Accidents

Ladder safety is a major concern for employers and workers in fields such as construction. For this reason, the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA, is pushing for improved ladder fall protection across industries. Here is a look at why ladder safety is taking center stage nationwide.

A look at the dangers associated with ladders

According to OSHA, improper ladder use is completely preventable. However, as many as 500,000 people visit emergency rooms each year for injuries stemming from ladders. In addition, more than three-fourths of falls by construction workers are associated with ladders. Many fatal falls happen less than 10 feet up from the ground.

Given the dangers that ladders pose, OSHA now requires that all new fixed ladders taller than 24 feet feature ladder safety systems that comply with OSHA standards. Any ladders installed before Nov. 2018 must be retrofitted with compliant solutions by 2036.

How a construction accident attorney can help

Construction professionals who suffer injuries due to falls from ladders or other types of accidents may be owed significant compensation for medical expenses, lost income, lost earning capacity and other losses. Under certain circumstances, the law in New York allows workers to seek personal injury compensation in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. To learn more, please see our overview of Long Island construction accident injuries.