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Tips to help keep New York motorists safe this spring

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Car Accidents

As the weather begins to transition out of the cold winter months and into the warmer days of spring, New York motorists should be on the lookout for a higher level of activity on and along the roadways. Examples of this can include an increase in cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians and even certain animals that decide to randomly venture about. Needless to say, this can create an environment with significantly more safety hazards for those who step behind the wheel of any motor vehicle.

There are certain measures motorists can take both before and while they are traveling to lessen the chances of being involved in an accident. Keeping a pair of sunglasses handy for the bright spring days, checking to make sure there are adequate pressure levels in all four tires and replacing worn-out wiper blades can all benefit a driver’s ability to stay out of harm’s way. Other safety tips for when someone is already out on the roads include the following:

  • Stay vigilant around construction zones: There are often many new projects cranking up during the spring months, which can result in workers and their vehicles being in close proximity to motorists.
  • Proceed with caution during rainy weather: Wet pavement is a primary cause of numerous motor vehicle accidents each year, so slowing down during these times can allow a driver more time to stop or avoid another vehicle if needed.
  • Beware of certain medication side effects: Many over-the-counter and prescription allergy remedies are known to cause drowsiness; therefore, motorists should try to avoid driving if at all possible when under the influence of these types of medication.

Even when implementing all of the practices above, the possibility of someone being involved in a motor vehicle accident will always exist. Fortunately, there is professional help and support readily available for victims of these unfortunate incidents who suffered harm through no fault of their own. An experienced New York attorney can provide guidance through the process of filing a personal injury claim that can potentially result in the maximum amount of compensation to which one is entitled.