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Tips for ensuring safety on construction sites

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Construction Accidents

On-the-job accidents at construction sites in New York often result in back and spinal cord injuries, broken bones and the loss of arms and legs. Nevertheless, construction workers can take several steps to keep themselves safe. Here are some ways construction field workers can improve their working conditions and protect themselves. 

How to stay safe at a construction work site 

Effective communication among construction site workers may help prevent or call attention to safety and health issues. For instance, a worker should ideally tell his or her team members right away if inclement weather has caused an under-construction building’s wall to become unstable, posing a safety issue. Workers may also want to tell their peers when more personal protective equipment is needed or if certain tools have become too worn to use. This information may be communicated through a business email address or comment box at the construction site. 

Construction workers may also benefit from having comprehensive first aid kits available at their work sites. These kits feature bandages and other supplies that may help save an injured worker’s life. It is also wise to ensure that an individual trained in first aid is at the construction site at all times. 

How an attorney can help 

Even when construction workers in New York strive to keep themselves and others safe, they may still suffer injuries due to faulty equipment and mishaps. An individual who is hurt on the job would be wise to contact a workers’ compensation attorney immediately. The attorney can help the individual file a workers’ compensation claim and gather the health care evidence, such as medical reports, required to support the claim so that the worker can receive benefits for his or her lost wages and medical expenses.