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Trench collapse results in construction worker injury

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2024 | Construction Accidents

Trench collapses in New York can happen due to incorrect sloping or unstable soil. These types of accidents may easily cause lung injuries, lacerations, broken bones and related problems. A man in another state was injured in a trench collapse at a construction site. 

Accident details 

The recent construction accident occurred at about 2:20 p.m. on a Monday. Authorities reported that they received a call that a worker at a construction site had been buried alive inside a trench 8 feet deep. The walls reportedly collapsed on the man while he was installing pipes. 

First responders transported the man to a medical center, where his injuries were considered critical. Officials said a construction team filled in the trench to ensure the property did not pose any other dangers. An updated report indicated that the victim was in satisfactory condition an d expected to recover. Authorities continue to investigate the collapse. 

How a workers’ compensation attorney can help 

The injuries resulting from a serious construction site accident in New York can take an emotional, mental, physical and financial toll on a worker. This is why an injured construction worker will likely benefit from contacting a workers’ compensation attorney immediately. The attorney can help a client file a workers’ compensation claim and advocate for the worker’s claim by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and building a strong case supporting the claim. The lawyer will focus on ensuring the client receives just compensation to cover lost wages, medical expenses and permanent disabilities resulting from the construction accident.